Dev Portfolio // Smith Saintil

Web Development Projects

Blueprint Church

With the use of embedded code (CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Query), I helped launch the new website for Blueprint Church.

The Firehose Project Bootcamp

Bio Page

I generated my first static bio page using HTML, CSS, and Amazon Web Services as part of my first official web project as a student of the online coding bootcamp the Firehose Project.


Splurty is my first dynamic web application, where people can submit inspirational quotes. I built off the static page to include a navigation bar with links routing to another page and a modal form. Besides HTML and CSS, I coded with Ruby on Rails using Sublime as my text editor and Vagrant as my development environment.

Baked Noms

Baked Noms was created for users to add their favorite bakeries and/or dessert shops, rate them, and search for other entries (the search bar was bonus feature that I added). For Baked Noms I installed new gems like devise, for creating user profiles, geocoder, to convert string addresses to coordinates, carrierwave and fog to help with uploading photos on AWS, and figaro to hide API keys in application.yml within .gitignore.


MyChurcHome is a web app where people can add churches they've visited in addition to posting comments and searching for exisiting entries. This web app was a quiz submission, as opposed to a project, for the Firehose Project that I decided to take a step further beyond the minimum requirement of making a simple dynamic web app. It incorporates similar features as Baked Noms minus the user authentication and profile requirements in order to submit a form.

Budget Mode

Budget Mode is a platform to help improve financial literacy. People can sign up to learn about or teach financial-related topics. Given the nature of the web app, I created nested routes so that each course has a section and each section has a lesson. While courses may be free of charge, users have the option of charging a fee using Stripe. For this app, I also used JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, and JSON to give a users teaching a course the ability to drag and re-order lessons successfully.