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About Me

Hello World!

I believe the greatest joys in life come by creating a better world for someone else. My parents nurtured this belief in me at an early age. Having emigrated from Haiti with no college education they managed to push me and my siblings to secure the bag of higher education. Little did I know that after four years of pursuing a double major in Finance and Religion at Emory University that I would be doing something completely different than my degree.

After losing my father in the summer of 2015, I started viewing life with the end goal in mind. I pivoted from finance to technology with the goal of using code to create products and services that will empower other people.

When I’m not coding, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends. Nothing is more fun than hanging out with my wife and son and building lasting memories. I love staying active, reading, and paying it forward through service and mentoring.

Web Development Projects

Blueprint Church

Blueprint Church is located in the heart of the Old Fourth Ward with the aim of unleashing healthy people to do ministry where life exists (i.e., at home, work, and play).

Blueprint wanted a new website that would highlight the featured stories and sermon content as well as simplifying the user experience.

I gave the home-page a clean look by replacing image blocks with symbols, adding a summary content block for the stories section, and creating a play button for instant playback of the recent sermon. I improved the user’s ability to navigate the site with a scroll-down and scroll-up arrows and reduced the navigation menu options.

Other highlights include redesigning the layout of the leadership, podcast, and blog pages.

I had the pleasure of hiring Smith to finish developing/remodeling our church's website, and he blew me away with not just his work ethic, but his communication and follow-through throughout the entire process. He exceeded my expectations in so many ways and I couldn't be more thankful that we hired him to finish our website, all while becoming a recent father! Smith is dependable, efficient, thorough, and overall awesome, and I look forward to hiring him for future projects! Blueprint Church

Georgia Blue Foot and Ankle

Georgia Blue Foot and Ankle (GBFA) is a premiere Foot and Ankle Center providing quality care by using the latest, most innovative techniques, updated technology and up to date research.

Leading up to the grand opening of a new office, GBFA needed a simple site where patients could meet the team of doctors, schedule appointment, and access patient forms among other things.

Working from the Mockflow wireframe, I built the site within the desired timeframe.

One highlight includes a custom-built form with a drop-down option to help categorize the appointments. I also embedded GBFA’s twitter timeline to connect patients to additional resources on GBFA’s social media account.

Mr. Saintil designed my website and I am so pleased to recommend his services. As a Practicing Physician, my website allows me to share my brand and vision with my patients. He was very patient, kind and understanding when it came to my vision and created exactly what I wanted. My website is absolutely perfect ! I am so excited to share my website with the community and I look forward to working with him in the future. Georgia Blue Foot and Ankle

Simply Passionate Life

Simply Passionate Life (SPL) is a lifestyle brand and motivational media outlet for ambitious adults of all ages.

SPL wanted a complete facelift for its site leading up to a conference. Some of SPL’s top priorities included having a call-to-action for booking events and subscribing. SPL also wanted to highlight its vlogs and connect with it’s social media followers.

To bring SPL’s goals to life, first I renamed and reorganized SPL’s navigation links to improve the user experience. Then I redesigned the site to align with the brand style guide provided.

I created more call-to-action buttons, updated the booking form, and added an announcement bar for joining SPL’s email listserv.

In addition I transformed the home page to an index page showcasing latest vlogs, a custom calendar of upcoming events, and recent social media posts. I also built a page for booking speaking engagements.

Smith is such an amazing professional! His understanding and efficiency when developing a product that met my brand's needs was impeccable! I highly recommend him for any of your graphic/web design needs! Simply Passionate Life

Emory Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing

Emory Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing is a top nationally ranked nursing program in Atlanta, Georgia.

A Professor at the School of Nursing wanted to create an online module - PrEP Savvy. This tool educates, inspires, and encourages Black women to take control of their sexual health by presenting to them a new option for reducing the risk of HIV transmission.

I collaborated with a Creative Consultant to sketch the wireframe based on the modules’ contents. Then I developed and designed the site’s layout. Features include embedding SentryLogin to require user sign-in for accessing contents. In addition, I added page logic using Javascript and embedded SurveyMonkey and LinkedIn Slideshare to display quizzes and learning content.

Mr. Saintil is an excellent web developer, who has demonstrated the upmost professionalism. I am extremely satisfied with the final product and the technological support that he continues to provide for our current research project. I highly recommend Mr. Saintil for web development and technologically-focused projects. Emory Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing

The Firehose Project Bootcamp

Bio Page

I generated my first static bio page using HTML, CSS, and Amazon Web Services as part of my first official web project as a student of the online coding bootcamp the Firehose Project.


Splurty is my first dynamic web application, where people can submit inspirational quotes. I built off the static page to include a navigation bar with links routing to another page and a modal form. Besides HTML and CSS, I coded with Ruby on Rails using Sublime as my text editor and Vagrant as my development environment.

Baked Noms

Baked Noms was created for users to add their favorite bakeries and/or dessert shops, rate them, and search for other entries (the search bar was bonus feature that I added). For Baked Noms I installed new gems like devise, for creating user profiles, geocoder, to convert string addresses to coordinates, carrierwave and fog to help with uploading photos on AWS, and figaro to hide API keys in application.yml within .gitignore.


MyChurcHome is a web app where people can add churches they've visited, post comments, and search for exisiting entries. This web app was a quiz submission to test my ability to build a simple dynamic web app but I took it a step further and added other features.

Budget Mode

Budget Mode is a platform to help improve financial literacy. People can sign up to learn about or teach financial-related topics. Given the nature of the web app, I created nested routes so that each course has a section and each section has a lesson. While courses may be free of charge, users have the option of charging a fee using Stripe. For this app, I also used JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, and JSON to give teachers within the web app the ability to drag and re-order lessons successfully.


Third-Frame is a web app, similar to Instagram, where users can post and comment on their pictures.

Unlike the other web apps, I built ThirdFrame using the test driven development approach. I implemented tests to validate posts, pictures, and comments. With the use of FactoryGirl, I ran tests with dryer code.


To-Do MVC is a web app built in Javascript that allows users to create a todo list and cross off completed items.

This web app utilizes AJAX to make updates to a page without requiring a full page reload. This is done using RESTful JSON APIs from Rails and Javascript.